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Welcome To Re born Foundation DRUG ADDICTION / ALCOHOLISM A person’s continued usage of any substance leads to loss of mental balance. The steer of his life goes into the hands of the substance. All his social and domestic relationships are destroyed. Eventually, he starts avoiding, delaying or forgetting his daily responsibilities. Hence, addiction to a substance is an anti-social disease. Addiction has become a huge menace in today’s world, making its way into almost every household. The brunt of addiction is being faced by innocent wives, parents and children. Their lives are also being devastated along with the person who is using. WHO (World Health Organization) declared Alcoholism / Addiction as a disease in 1964 and America declare in 1956. Today, it is believed to be one of the most dangerous, merciless diseases. Patient are treated by volunteers or staff members, who themselves were gripped by addiction in the past. These members are now respectable, successful and responsible contributors to the society. For this reason, patients receive compassionate love and care. alcohol drug de addiction centre in gurgaon rehabilitation centre in delhi rehabilitation centre in gurgaon rehabilitation centre in noida nasha mukti kendra in delhi nasha mukti kendra in gurgaon nasha mukti kendra in noida drug rehabilitation centre in delhi drug rehabilitation centre drug rehabilitation centre shadhara nasha mukti kendra in shadhara alcohol drug de addiction centre in shadhara rehabilitation centre in shadhra, delhi, rohni, patel nagar, noida, greater noida, east delhi ,dwarka ,west delhi ,south delhi, ali pur ,haryana ,faridabad
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